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Summer Series: Sales Digitalization, Thought Through

Serving End Customers and Sales Partners.

Every end customer´s journey begins on the web, and usually in a search engine. In other words, end customers will find and visit every website, regardless of whether it addresses end customers or retail partners.

End customers routinely use leading global marketplaces and shopping apps to buy directly or, at least, inquire. They will resignedly turn their backs on webs that do not offer this option and quickly move on to other providers. Even the most strictly B2B-focused sales strategies cannot afford to ignore this learned behavior.

Netural Solutions:

By communicating across all target groups, brand manufacturers and industrial companies can offer the best possible service for both sales partners and consumers:

  • One channel for all: cross-platform digital services work for both B2C and B2B target groups.
  • Lead web shops: end customers can place “seamless” and “instant” product orders or inquiries on the manufacturer's website, with the resulting sales leads immediately forwarded to sales partners.
  • User-friendly product presentation and categorization convincingly communicate the product USPs and motivate end customer to inquire actively with the retail outlet.
  • Integrated websites that interconnect manufacturer, distribution partner and end customer ensure quick responses to customer inquiries.

Peter Gollowitsch and Martin Obermayr of the Netural Business Development Department support brand manufacturers and industrial companies in sales digitalization.

Netural Best Practice:

A plumbing wholesaler uses online inquiries to control and optimize end customer advisory, creating valuable leads for plumbers through digital room visualizations. He supports his sales partners with a B2B shop and controls sales by means of an integrated performance cockpit.

"Applying Netural's user-centric approach, and always minding our credo to `show the beauty and hide the complexity’, every sales platform´s focus is necessarily on pleasant user experience and growing sales success," remarks Peter Gollowitsch, Director Business Development at Netural.

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Article: 13.04.2024




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