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Here comes our summer blog series, bringing you explanations and inspirations. - Today: Your sales team's user journey, and why it is at least as important as the user journey of your customers!

Managers of brand manufacturers and industrial companies are currently facing a major challenge regarding sales, because increasingly, classic B2B-focused sales channels and tools are undergoing a digital transformation. We are currently observing the following changes and trends:

  • Today, brand manufacturers need to serve both sides of the purchase, motivating the end customer to demand the manufacturer's products, and the retail partner to sells precisely those products to end customers.
  • Many industrial companies have already gathered great amounts of heterogeneous data, and those are available in a wide variety of tools. But more often than not, data integration and are lagging behind.
  • The customer journey of a B2B purchaser starts on a search engine, even for products that require extensive explanation. Yet, brand manufacturers rarely make systematic use of these digital touchpoints.
  • End customers routinely visit the websites of manufacturers, even for products that are only available from retailers or sales partners.

So-called “multi-sided markets” - markets that generate value through interactions on platforms - now offer manufacturers unique opportunities to position themselves as strategic platform providers. Which is exactly where Netural's digitalization solutions for B2B companies come in.

We will present you five strategies that B2B companies can use as a “modular” system to establish their own future-proof platforms. They will also offer practical insights into how Austrian companies approach sales digitalization using Netural solutions:

Strategy 1 - Ensure Cross-Target Group Messaging on the Web

Strategy 2 - Qualify Leads and Pass Them on to Your Retail Partners

Strategy 3 - Digital Sales Platforms beat Costly Sales Tools

Strategy 4 - Digitalize Even Highly Complex Order Processes

Strategy 5 - Efficiently Orchestrating Data for Sales Support Purposes

If you would like to find out more about the digitalization of your sales or to see Netural´s current references, simply send an email to

Article: 20.07.2021




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