Strategy 3 - Digital Sales Platforms beat Costly Sales Tools

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In 2020, IKEA made a decision that literally speaks volumes: After more than 70 successful years, this famous furniture maker discontinued the annual printed catalog. This is a resounding signal of a paradigm shift from offline to online. It also holds a fundamental lesson for B2B sales strategies: Digital platforms are redefining the role of printed sales materials.

Netural Solutions:

The focus of Netural's solutions is to inform, support and involve the end customer digitally.

  • Digital product presentations with real-time information on price, availability and extra options are available anytime, anywhere.
  • Filters and configurators help customers to navigate the product range and make their choices.
  • Services for dealers such as dimensioning, logistics and marketing support are the icing on the cake for modern retail platforms.

Martin Obermayr, Senior Strategist at Netural, supports brand manufacturers and industrial companies in sales digitalization.

Netural Best Practice:

Austrian decor manufacturer EGGER uses the EDC app to fully exploit the potential of digitalization, providing an online interface to an analog sample catalog. This amazing app even manages to give the look&feel of EGGER´s physical decor catalog, “at a fraction of the cost of classic, printed product catalogs,” says Martin Obermayr, Senior Strategist in Business Development at Netural.

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Article: 21.07.2024




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