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Simply send the sales force to the retailer, let them drop a few catalogs and place a POS display, and trust that sales will increase? It sure sounds tempting, but those happy days are gone.

Manufacturers fight with ever-increasing competition and their retail partners enjoy an ever-growing choice. Nowadays, they often select only brand manufacturers who provide them with excellent support during the whole sales process by providing qualified leads and digital services. Those who cannot offer added value and convincing USPs will lose their position as strategic partners in the sales chain and subsequently their space in the shelves.

Netural Solutions:

Successful brand manufacturers and industrial producers interlink sales partners and consumers:

  • Manufacturers use lead web shops to generate potential customers for their retail partners.
  • Online configurators and questionnaires pre-qualify leads, providing retail outlets with all relevant information for immediate processing.
  • Marketplace models enable a transparent and efficient transfer of business leads. This is particularly important if B2B companies work with large numbers of retailers.
  • “Click and Collect” processes generate binding purchases in the manufacturer´s web shop without bypassing resellers.

Netural Best Practice:

The eyewear manufacturer Silhouette creates leads for partner opticians with a "click and collect" solution on its website. "With this type of process, brand manufacturers can offer full shopping cart functions for end customers, providing a satisfying shopping experience for even the most complex products, and at the same time generating qualified leads for the retailer," explains Martin Obermayr, Senior Strategist at Netural Business Development Department.

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Article: 21.07.2024




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