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"What can I do myself?" is among the most common questions faced by cancer patients, and especially pressing between and after inpatient stays.


Worried that uninformed patients might fall for the promises of dubious non-medical practitioners, Ordensklinikum Linz decided to issue serious recommendations for individual, holistic aftercare on the website selbertun.at.

Recommendations and Portraits

Its bandwidth is remarkable. From psychological and psychotherapeutic accompaniment to nutrition, exercise and physiotherapy to nursing: Cancer patients find a wide spectrum of assistance by experts who use their skills to improve the users´, often difficult, situations. Selbertun.at presents peope who have graduated from the Cancer Academy of the Order Clinic Linz Sisters of Mercy, Upper Austria's leading oncological clinic.

Strictly no Web-As-Usual

Deliberately different from clinically sterile health websites, Selbertun.at opens up to its public as a thoroughly modern online directory: magazine character, clear and simple texts, a look and feel focused on well-being and sympathy. Branding moves to the background, stringent functions take the front stage. In line with the underlying service design paradigms, the entire website adjusts perfectly to the information requirements and media literacy of its users – a perfect service, born of really great teamwork.

"The collaboration with Netural was very professional and appreciative. I liked their unrelenting, clear focus on target group and intuitive usability throughout the whole process. The clear project structure helped to be at once efficient and creative."

Sigrid Miksch MSc, Head of Marketing, Ordensklinikum




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