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Software Engeneering

If design is the body, software is the engine. Performance, speed, and security are the result of uncompromising precision and a consistently clean and clear system architecture.

Over decades, Netural has cultivated problem-solving expertise, innovation, and agility that resolve even the most complex projects in uncharted territory with convincing quality – and, when necessary, in record time. Our broad and deep knowledge of the industry is extremely useful, particularly in B2B projects.

What can we do for you?

Netural has been at the forefront of technological development for a quarter of a century. Our clients benefit from continuous evolution, a proven work methodology, and a pool of specialists who can handle every aspect from development to operations outsourcing.



Independent research and development have often resulted in the founding of globally successful spin-offs and enable us to solve even the most complex problems with outstanding elegance.

Research, Technology, Innovation

Netural conducts in-house research and development, collaborating with partners in various fields. As an independent entity, we always select and recommend the best technology solution for each unique task – and on more than one occasion, our solutions have extended beyond the original project.

System Architecture

Adapting complex existing system landscapes to new requirements is a skill mastered by Netural Software Development, just as proficiently as starting from scratch.

Data Engineering

Even the most overwhelming data volumes and flows can be tamed. We know how to make them efficient and available in real-time profile.

Machine Learning & AI

What is useful? What is safe? What is risky? And – what does the user gain from it? Netural Software Development has the answers.

Machine Interfaces & IoT

Ask Netural Software Development how technical devices communicate with each other and with humans, how to handle the emerging data volumes, and what the implications are for efficiency and security.

Cloud Solutions

Web-based efficiency can be organized. Netural Software Development knows how.



Custom tasks are rarely convincingly solved with off-the-shelf software. Netural Software Development creates tailored, sustainable solutions from proven components, offering genuine added value to companies and organizations.

Mobile Applications

From fairly standard to highly complex catalog and sales apps, there's nothing that Netural Software Development hasn't brought to mobile devices – always highly performant and in excellent technical and visual quality.


Servers, applications, and databases are the engine of success. Netural Software Development has extensive experience in adapting existing backend systems and developing new solutions.


The interfaces to the user are where Netural makes even the most breathtakingly complex systems and processes disappear behind appealing, intuitively usable, and astonishingly fast interfaces.

Integration Services

Netural Software Development builds individual software solutions based on common industry standards such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Storyblok, and dcupl, depending on the project profile.



Depending on the needs, Netural Software Development delivers turnkey solutions or accompanies systems throughout their entire product lifecycle within Service & Maintenance Agreements – including all necessary further development steps.

Test Automation & Quality Assurance

Design, creation, implementation, and maintenance of automated system tests to ensure operational functionality and quality.

Service & Support

Ensuring system availability within Service & Maintenance Agreements according to customer needs.

Development & Operation

DevOps integrates and automates the work of software development and IT operations as a means to improve and shorten the system development lifecycle.


Continuous monitoring of defined key performance indicators.

Netural Software Development is well-positioned to support development projects continuously from the roadmap to go-live. We also like working with clients who run independently and do in-house development, giving certain services and contributions to boost capacity. Let's talk about your requirements, and then we'll figure out how to grow our involvement.

Stefan Lechner

CTO bei Netural

Netural – Your partner for every phase of your software project

- Requirement Engineering: Netural Software Development creates requirement documents, technical specifications, cost estimates, and cost-benefit analyses for your projects, serving as the basis for informed decisions and robust project planning.

- Project Setup: Netural Software Development supports you in planning and setting up project runs, technological and human resources, and all other elements of a successful project.

- Agile Implementation: Netural Software Development is organized to agilely respond to changes in requirements and conditions at every stage of the implementation path.

- MVP/MMP: Prototyping in the form of Minimum Viable Products and Minimum Marketable Products helps assess the validity of concepts and guides development processes through testing.

- Iterative Development: Netural Software Development takes projects through all development stages based on testing until the perfect solution is achieved.

- Rollout & Operation: Netural Software Development assists companies with complex rollouts and can also take over ongoing maintenance when necessary.

- Continuous Development: Netural Software Development often accompanies projects for years through a series of development and improvement stages.

- Transition to Operations: Netural Software Development hands over turnkey projects, including training, operating instructions, and more.


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